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Different interpreting techniques for
different occasions:

When doing a Simultaneous Interpretation of an oral presentation into one or more foreign languages for any number of listeners, the interpreter speaks out of an interpreter`s booth at the same time as the speaker. We offer full interpreting equipment for this technique.
e.g. international congresses, seminars, court trials, etc.

The same technique in a simplified version without a booth is called Whispered Interpretation. It can be used with a mobile interpreting equipment when there is only one listener, or for a maximum of 50 listeners. The interpreter has to whisper directly into the ear of the listener or into the microphone of the mobile equipment. This can only be used in relatively small rooms with good acoustics or with a mobile equipment.
e.g. factory tours or product presentations

Consecutive Interpretation is the delayed translation of a speech. The interpreter takes notes while the lecturer is speaking. When he pauses or finishes, the interpreter gives a summary of the content of his speech or part of speech. The time needed for translation is twice as long as that needed for simultaneous translation.
e.g. dinner speeches or conmemorative speeches and all kinds of short presentations.

The Interpreting of business talks and negotiations can be done in 2 languages, when 2 or more business partners sit down to discuss any business topics. No technical equipment needed.
e.g. contract negotiations, initiating business deals, information sessions.

Accompanying Interpretation is used when an interpreter is needed to accompany one person or a small group of people on an excursion, a shopping or sightseeing tour, assisting with occasional translation.
e.g. museum tours or trade fair tours

Konsens Language Service

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